Kitchen Unit
Price 1985,00 €
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Bathroom Furniture Set
Price 935,00 €
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Kitchen Unit
Price 3270,00 €
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TV Cabinet
Price 500,00 €
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About company

Recently, we, as most of the largest manufacturers of furniture, face the fact that customers more often ask us to simplify the constructional and functional features of kitchen and other carcass furniture in order to reduce the cost of furniture.

1. Ergonomics and functionality

Furniture of ab Living has carefully considered ergonomics. It has no spare parts or unused space - each element performs a specific function. We take a responsible approach to the design, so you will be satisfied with the result.

2. Quality

By offering our products, we primarily focus on the quality. Furniture from ab Living - is, first of all, carefully selected materials and fittings, strength and longevity and also elegant appearance.

3. Price and design

Cost and design are important criteria for our customers - here we have something to surprise you. Our products are designed in accordance with the latest trends, using modern and actual materials and equipment, that gives our products the value of designer furniture at a good price.


If you need an inexpensive and qualitative furniture for the apartment, home or office, visit ab Living salon in Riga. Here, our professional designers will help you plan a functional kitchen or capacious built-in cupboards, and create qualitative furniture for children's room, bedroom, living room or bathroom. We will produce furniture in agreed terms, and our experts with long-standing experience will carry out delivery and installation of furniture.


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